2.1: Metamask and CTF Setup

Install Metamask in your browser to set up a wallet. Use it to sign up for a Security Innovation CTF account
37 min Updated Nov 4, 2020

3.1: D0 Donation, D6 Lockbox

Navigate and solve the initial levels of the Security Innovation CTF
36 min Updated Nov 4, 2020

3.3: D3 TokenSale

Exploit arithmetic issues in smart contracts on Security Innovation's CTF
48 min Updated Nov 4, 2020

2.2: Solidity With CryptoZombies

Learn the basics of Solidity programming using a collectible game modeled after CryptoKitties by Loom
69 min Updated Nov 4, 2020

2.3: Solidity, Remix, MyCrypto, Etherscan

Learn the basics of deploying, interacting, and debugging Solidity smart contracts using the Remix IDE, MyCrypto, and Etherscan.
35 min Updated Nov 4, 2020

2.4: Solidity Smart Contracts on Ethereum

Develop, deploy, and interact with several smart contracts
117 min Updated Nov 4, 2020
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