Symbolic execution is an essential tool in modern program analysis and vulnerability discovery. The technique is used to both find and fix vulnerabilities as well as to identify and exploit them. In order to ensure that symbolic execution tools are used more for the former, rather than the latter, you will be tackling a set of scaffolded, polymorphic, ``capture-the-flag'' (CTF) exercises based on the open-source symbolic execution framework angr.

What you'll need

Install Ubuntu 20.04 VM

Install OS packages

Log into the instance and install the necessary Python and run-time packages.

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -y virtualenv unzip python3 python3-pip gcc-multilib gdb radare2

Install angr and download angr CTF binaries

Create a directory for the CTF binaries and then set up and activate a Python virtual environment in it.

mkdir angr_ctf
cd angr_ctf
virtualenv -p python3 env
source env/bin/activate

Install the necessary Python packages in the environment including angr~=9.2.

pip install requests bs4 angr~=9.2

Then, download the Python script and use it to download the angr CTF binaries located at You will need to fill in your and from the site for the script. Finally, unpack the binaries.

python <username> <password>

In the angr_ctf directory, copy each file into

for i in scaffold*
  cp $i $(echo $i | sed 's/scaffold/solve/')

For each CTF level, you will edit with your solution for the level XX_angr_YY. For example, to solve the first level 00_angr_find, after modifying, you would then run it:

$ python 

which might result in the following output:

$ python
$ ./00_angr_find
Enter the password: JSFCFQFH
Good Job.

To obtain credit for your solution, you will need to visit the CTF site and submit it.

When you are done solving levels, exit the session and stop the VM to save $.