Reverse engineering is an important skill to develop that requires practice. The course textbook provides a plethora of exercises for doing using a number of tools that, while old, are representative of the techniques one would use in modern reverse engineering.

For each lab, a walkthrough in the textbook's appendix describes the process for completing it. For your lab notebook, however, we require that you

We will now setup the course VM. A video walkthrough is shown below:

There are multiple options for setting up your VM. Choose the one that suits your environment.

Option #1: Your personal computer

Option #2: Linuxlab

The environment on linuxlab allows you to either download the VM onto a local partition (/disk/trump) or to a partition on a central server (/stash/cs492/class). Only users in the vagrant group can do so. You should have been added to this group if the class is being offered in the linuxlab.

Some differences in installation include:

If you wish to run this VM on any linuxlab machine, then you will need to put a copy of it on the central MCECS file server. To do so:

Lab 1-1

Lab 1-2

Lab 3-2

Lab 3-4

Lab 5-1 (Steps 1-17)

Lab 6-1

Lab 6-2

Lab 7-2

Lab 9-2

Lab 11-1

Lab 12-1

Lab 12-3

Lab 13-1

Lab 14-1

Lab 15-1

Lab 15-2

Lab 16-1

Lab 17-1

Lab 18-1

Lab 19-2

Lab 19-3

Lab 20-1