Before going over the resources that can be used within GCP, it's important to understand GCP's organizational hierarchy. This hierarchy consists of three major components: organization, folders, and projects.





For more information on GCP's hierarchy, you can visit the following Google document

Go to Main Menu 🡪 Billing

My Billing Account

My Projects

Disable Billing - if you are worried about overspending, it's easiest to just disable billing from any project that you don't use

Check out the codelabs for GCP

Useful codelabs

Query the Wikipedia dataset in BigQuery (

Instructions for monitoring billing

Option 1 Go to Main Menu 🡪 Compute Engine

(Ensure you're within your specific GCP Project)

Option 2 Go to Main Menu 🡪 Deployment Manager

In either case

Some APIs you may need:

BigQuery and Cloud Storage are enabled by default. To enable Dataproc, you need to enable it's API.

Example - Enable Cloud Run API

Note - Few of the APIs and Services are already mentioned in the Main Menu which when clicked gives an option to enable if it is not already enabled

Example - Enable Cloud Tasks API from Main Menu